Now I am in chemistry class, the chemistry teacher is chattering on and on, saying now that we have learned this chapter, we may start the next.

Then his class remind me of Morningsun’s chemistry class, especially when he was doing experiment: a group of students would jump on the rostrum and assist for him, others just sat and made indiscreet remarks or criticisms, his funny awkward gesture always made our small men having greatness thrust upon us.When Morningsun did something wrong, PengShao would scream to sell eruptionat first, then his little mistake became the point we attack. Messy but funny life.

Later we all apart, some went to college, some took one more year in high school. College is a wonderful place to have feast with a group of people, but what’s more is the loneliness inside. I can see my old classmates expressing their feeling or reprint the photos of our high school once in a while. The past has past, the future has not come, that’s my evaluation of present. Those have been slid away left an indelible mark on us. While we were schoolchildren, our goal is a good middle school; while we were junior school students, our goal is a good high school; while we were senior school students our goal is a good college. Finally we are college students, but everything is becoming more confusing and we have no goals. When it’s time for class, we go to class; when it’s time for rest, we rest. It seems we’ve been used to this managed life, the road we need to go is playing games, do not fail in exams, various activities, take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools…… Is there any other road? I have been a student for 12 years, and there will be 4 years more, I don’t want this damn life.

How can I change? Only to leave the time slide slowly. Quote YF’s saying: Life is really white as paper, lonely as snow.

Quite nonsense.